Yellow Jacket Wasps


Yellow jacket wasps are the type of small insects; marked with yellow bands. Wasps are different from bees in that; they do not produce honey and build their nests outside the wood whereas, bees merely make their nests from honey. Yellow jacket wasps tend to be more aggressive and dangerous insect that stings very badly over and over again. The stinger of wasps is extremely dangerous, as it causes allergic reaction to skin. There are many wasp pest control methods you can use on your own.

In the summer the population of yellow jacket wasps becomes larger as well as noticeable. Wasps nest can be found on the roof of porch, in attic, in sheds and at the eaves of house. If nest is located in out of the way, not likely to be disturbed, it is better to be left alone, but nest is located near your home or high traffic area, pest control is good idea to reduce the threat of being stung by wasps.

Pest Control methods:

When treating a yellow jacket wasp’s usually spray and insecticides can be used to remove the nest, in the evening while they are at rest.

You can use enzyme solution like Super C professional to remove and lessen the nest.

Peppermint soap or Lemon Joy will also remove the pheromones associated the nest. You must apply it in early morning or late evening.

Another way of destruction is physically removing the nest. Mass disturbance to a nest will prompt a mass attack, so you must hire a professional. Also, you need to wear special protective clothing to ensure maximum safety.

Vacuuming can be an effective method for nests located at wall voids and underground. You must consult a professional experience to handle stinging insects. Use a powerful and lightweight vacuum with a removable bag can be stuffed closed with cotton while machine is running.

Traps can be used to remove yellow jacket wasps; commercially fly traps are effective for wasps’ control with appropriate bait.

If the wasp lands on you, stay calm and do not move promptly. You can gently brush it with a paper by using deliberate and slow movements.