What You Don’t Know About Wasps


Wasps are noisy, persistent and generally quite the nuisance when they invade our personal space. Well, these aren’t the only traits associated with these aggressive insects though, and to let you in on some unique characteristics of wasps, here’s a peek into what makes them different from other similar insects.

Unlike bees, which sting only once, wasps are capable of delivering multiple stings, thereby proving to be a lot more dangerous than their cousins.

Did you know wasps are manufacturers of paper? Well, not the kind we humans use of course, but wasps are known to chew the bark of trees and spit out a product that is similar to a rougher version of paper.

If you notice a wasp nest at the beginning of summer and realize by the end of the season that the nest has grown to huge proportions, you can attribute this to the fast growth of wasp colonies – reaching up to 50,000 in one summer! It starts with just the queen, who lays a few eggs and feeds just the few worker wasps. These worker wasps then take to all the hard work while the queen goes back to her task of producing eggs.

If you have ever noticed, wasps can be found almost everywhere. Call up your friend halfway around the world and talk to him about wasps, and chances are he has a firsthand story to tell you! This is because wasps are found all across the planet. The only place you wouldn’t find them is in Antarctica.

Nevertheless, in spite of all these interesting characteristic, wasps do have the tendency to behave like pests rather than harmless insects, and for this reason, calling in exterminators and resorting to other measures often becomes necessary to tackle the trouble they cause.