Choose Your Favourite Natural Wasp Repellent

Natural Wasp Repellent

We can all agree that wasps are pesky pests indeed and often, it becomes necessary to deal with a wasp colony with a firm hand – read extermination.

While calling in wasp removal experts who safely rid your property of wasps as well as destroy the nests is usually a good option, there are other natural wasp repellents too that could do the job, especially of the size of the nest isn’t significantly large and you feel that you can handle this challenge without the need for professional help.

Here, we let you in on some natural wasp repellant secrets!

You know how mint comes in handy to spruce up that refreshing jug of juice that keeps you going on a hot summer day? Well, this same mint can also be used in a concoction that can rid your space of wasps!

Take a few mint leaves and orange peels and boil them in water. Then, allow this mixture to sit overnight, after which you can strain this mix and pour this liquid into an equal part of alcohol. Then, all you have to do is put this mix into a sprayer and spray away at a wasp nest.

Another natural insect repellent is a mix of peppermint oil and water. Take about 10-12 drops of peppermint essential oil and add this to around half a cup of water. Surprisingly, this simple mixture proves to be a strong deterrent to wasps as well as ants, and you will rid your space of these aggressive insects in no time.

Interestingly, even a mix of dishwashing soap and water sprayed at a wasp nest does the same damage.

Therefore, even these simple homemade natural wasp repellents help you keep your personal space away from wasp invasions, which certainly turn nasty sometimes!