Homemade Bee and Wasp Control Solutions


When the summer and spring months roll around, being outside soaking up the sun and enjoying the outdoors becomes everyone’s favorite hobby. Yet pesky wasps and bees tend to come around and ruin a little bit of everyone’s fun. Nothing is worse than spilling your drink all over yourself because you hopped out of your chair in fear of being stung by one of these flying bugs. (more…)

How To Treat a Bee Sting


In most cases, home treatment is usually enough. Allergic reactions and/or multiple stings may require immediate medical attention. After being stung by a bee, the first action to be taken is removal of the stinger and its attached venom, sac as soon as possible. This helps preventing more venom to be released into the human body. (more…)

Bee and Wasp Seasons


Bee and wasp seasons are very similar and as you may have noticed the season has already begun. The season for bees and wasps is similar, starting in the spring and ending in late fall – or from the beginning of May until the end of October. Their seasons both follow the flowering season of plants although bees have more variation.In some cases, they can cause problems. When that time arrives you can call us for wasp and bee removal services. (more…)

Bees and Wasps

Stay tuned for articles about bees, wasps and how to control and remove them. Let us help you keep your family safe.