Why are Wasp Stings a Serious Health Threat?

Close up of wasp

Most animals, birds and insects have special ways to defend themselves or hunt for their prey. With the use of their effective defense mechanism, they can get out of any life threatening situation with ease. The wasp is one such insect that uses its sting as its defense mechanism in the event of a threat.

Wasps build their nests and thrive most during the summer months. They usually build their nests near homes and offices in urban and suburban areas, as the availability of food and water around human habitat is abundant.   (more…)

How and Where Do Wasps Build their Nests?


Most wasps are social in nature and live in colonies. Like bees, most wasp species therefore build nests in close proximity to their feeding grounds, thus enabling the expansion of their numbers.

Wasps have an incredible ability to make a strong and sturdy paper like material just with only some scraped wood and their saliva. This is how they got the name “paper wasps.” The queen wasp hibernates during the winter months and then sets out to look for a place to build her nest during the summer. (more…)

Wasp Infestation – What to Do


Wasp infestations can be scary! Even if you or your family members or colleagues do not suffer actual stings, the constant buzzing about of these aggressive and noisy creatures and the worry of eventually being stung someday weighs heavily on one’s mind, so ridding your space, whether it is your home or your office, of these pesky insects is often the best way out. (more…)

How to Detect Wasp Infestation

How to Detect Wasp Infestation

Wasps are noisy and aggressive insects, and having them build a colony in the immediate vicinity of your home or office is indeed a risky affair. The natural aggression that wasps possess sometimes make them susceptible to angry reactions at the slightest provocations and this could prove to be quite dangerous if you or your close ones are allergic to stings. (more…)

Choose Your Favourite Natural Wasp Repellent

Natural Wasp Repellent

We can all agree that wasps are pesky pests indeed and often, it becomes necessary to deal with a wasp colony with a firm hand – read extermination.

While calling in wasp removal experts who safely rid your property of wasps as well as destroy the nests is usually a good option, there are other natural wasp repellents too that could do the job, especially of the size of the nest isn’t significantly large and you feel that you can handle this challenge without the need for professional help. (more…)

Safe and Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wasps

Wasps at nest.

Wasps are some of the most aggressive members of the insect kingdom and they often cause trouble in our spaces, leaving us no choice but to deal with them in an unforgiving manner.

Here, we jot down for you some of the safe and natural ways to rid your personal or work space of this menace. (more…)

What You Don’t Know About Wasps


Wasps are noisy, persistent and generally quite the nuisance when they invade our personal space. Well, these aren’t the only traits associated with these aggressive insects though, and to let you in on some unique characteristics of wasps, here’s a peek into what makes them different from other similar insects. (more…)

Some Interesting Facts about Wasps

Wasp Nest

Wasps are quite often confused with bees. But neither are they bees nor flying ants like some people like to think of them.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about wasps is that they can be found everywhere except in the Polar Regions. With more than 75, 000 recognized species, each species contains at least one species of wasp that either preys or parasites on it. This is critically very important in controlling wasp population by removing wasp nests from your premises, considering wasps are among the flying insects that reproduce really fast.

With that in mind, you can read on to find out other mind blowing facts and fascinating gen about wasps that only a few people are aware of: (more…)

Why Wasps Are Dangerous Species?


Contrary to popular belief, most of the 20,000 species of wasps that are known, are solitary. However, with that sad, it’s also worth noting that some species of wasps are particularly dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. In this overview, we’ll take a look at what species of wasps are dangerous as well as the reasons why wasps are dangerous species. (more…)

Yellow Jacket Wasps


Yellow jacket wasps are the type of small insects; marked with yellow bands. Wasps are different from bees in that; they do not produce honey and build their nests outside the wood whereas, bees merely make their nests from honey. Yellow jacket wasps tend to be more aggressive and dangerous insect that stings very badly over and over again. The stinger of wasps is extremely dangerous, as it causes allergic reaction to skin. There are many wasp pest control methods you can use on your own. (more…)